Best Guitar Learning Shortcut

Have you met Joshua Garrett over at Learn2playGuitars?  If not I suggest you go there now.  If you are looking for techniques for learning how to play the guitar online then you should read up on it on their site.  One of the best ways to learn of course is to use videos.  But not all video lessons are created equally.  For example, if the person creating the video doesn’t know how to play guitar very well for themselves then they aren’t going to be a good teacher.  With that in mind though, you also can play the guitar really well and still not be good at teaching because you skip around or don’t really have any organized structure to the training that you are providing.

It can be frustrating when you are are a guitar beginner and often your fingers can get sore or it may be hard to fret the right note from memory.  The positive news is that even though it may be difficult at first, the more you practice various guitar riffs, the more nimble your fingers will become.  You will also likely develop calluses on your fingers that protect them from the pain that you might have initially experienced when pressing down on a guitar string.  Good online guitar lessons are never too difficult to find but you do have to search in the right places.  Sometimes it’s best to get away from the online format and just find some good guitar lesson DVDs that you can enjoy away from the computer.  You can also find good information on guitar training at wikipedia.